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"Accessories are our favorite addition to any outfit. Why? Because you can easily take a simple look to the next level by adding the right belt or pair of sunglasses. Accessories allow you to completely transform any outfit and even make old pieces feel fresh and new. Take it from me, it’s actually better to have plenty of options because accessories make getting dressed in the morning so much more fun.

The must-own accessory this season? Something pearl embellished. This trend is everywhere, from hair clips to sun hats. There’s even a completely pearl-covered Chanel bag all over Instagram!

As beautiful as that Chanel bag may be, I know the price tag is not realistic, but that shouldn’t stop you from embracing the pearl accessories trend. I did the research and yes, there are plenty of pretty pearl accessories to buy without going over your budget. Check out some of our favorite picks below!" - Alisha Stacy Marketing Manager, Contributing Editor, SheFinds