• Meet the Model: Ashley

    July 28, 2021

    Meet the Model: Ashley
    At the Miranda Frye Studio, Ashley wears the Daniella Ring, Colleen Stacking Rings, Noel Cuff, Haven Cuff, Mel Huggies & Addison Earring Charms


    Working with Ashley was so much fun. Her sweet spirit was a breath of fresh air, and her fierce looks were nothing short of awe (and oooh) inspiring. After shooting the Summer 2021 collection, we asked her a few questions about style, confidence, and what inspires her. Read on to see how she answered, and to see more of those fierce looks!


    How would you describe your style? 

                My style is always evolving. The constant theme though is to always feel comfortable. Lately I've been loving feeling feminine + womanly. I've been wearing a lot of maxi dresses this summer. I always check in with myself and ask, how do I feel in this outfit? It's so important to feel good in what you're wearing!


    Ashley wears the Vienna Chain, Alexandra Charm, Loren Necklace, Mel Huggies, Addison Earring Charms, Raegan Cuff, Noel Cuff, Haven Cuff, Daniella Ring, Colleen Stacking Rings, Bella Anklet & Somewhere, Lately Anklet.



    What inspires you? 

               Inspiration comes from everywhere. The weather, my friends, old movies. And of course, the influencers of Instagram.


    What is your favorite MF piece so far? 

               It's so hard to pick just one, all the pieces are stunning! I really love the Noel ring. It's so classic and cute.


    Ashley wears the Ada Midi Ring, Noel Ring, Colleen Stacking Rings, Willow Ear Suspenders, Meggan Bracelet, Erin Bracelet, Noel Cuff & Loren Necklace.



    Any current goals you’re working toward? 

             I'm always working on having better daily habits. Getting more sleep, meditating on a regular basis, exercising often, eating less sugar! 


    What does confidence mean to you?

              Confidence means to me, loving who I am exactly as I am. 



    Loving Ashley’s layers? Us too. Shop from our Summer 2021 collection and Best Sellers to accomplish the same looks. As you’re discovering your new faves, don’t be afraid to mix those metals, add a charm (or two), and stack ‘em up! 


    After speaking with this beauty, we were reminded of our brand’s mission: for every person to feel confident, valued, and seen. The heart of Miranda Frye Jewelry is that you’ll find something that allows your personal style and true self to shine through. Have fun shopping for shine and as always: Be Confident. Be YOU. 

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