• Meet the Model: Elisa

    March 21, 2022

    Meet the Model: Elisa
    At the Miranda Frye Studio, Elisa wears the Kaia Huggies, Claire Necklace, Cameron Necklace, Marlowe Chain and Snake Charm.


    We are loving the Spring 2022 collection, and hope you are too. We asked Elisa, one of the stars of our spring shoot, a few questions about her style, goals, and favorite MF pieces. Her sweet spirit was a joy to work with, and truly came through in her photos. Enjoy finding out more about her as you “Meet the Model!”


    How would you describe your style? 

    "I would say my style is a mixture of both vintage and modern pieces. As a teenager I would find some of the most unique clothing and jewelry at thrift stores, anything from the 1950’s through 90’s." 



    What inspires you?

    "I’ve always loved fashion and art. So, looking back at particular styles from the past really inspire me on how I dress and also shape my own particular art style." 



    What is your favorite MF piece so far? 

    "My favorite would have to be the Naomi Earrings since I'm obsessed with the chunky gold jewelry of the 90’s. I think they are the cutest paired with the Sawyer Bracelet."


    Any current goals you’re working toward?

    "I’ve always wanted to open my own design business. So, having just graduated from UCLA School of Art, I’ve made it a goal of mine to have some designs made into either children’s apparel, wallpaper, or home decor."


    What does confidence mean to you? 

    "Confidence to me isn’t just feeling confident on the outside but also having an inner confidence and peace within. Confidence is being able to be in the moment and feeling the purest form of unadulterated happiness with zero worries." 



    Elisa was such a joy to work with and made the Spring 2022 photoshoot seamless. Her beauty shined through and brought out the shine in our latest collection. We can’t wait to see how you layer your new jewelry lineup.

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