We are loving the Summer 2022 collection, and hope you are too. We asked Morgan, one of the beautiful models of our summer shoot, a few questions about her style, goals, and favorite MF pieces. Enjoy finding out more about her as you “Meet the Model!”


How would you describe your style? 

"Classic. Trends are fun sometimes, but I love to have a wardrobe of classic pieces that won’t go out of style and of course occasionally cycle in some trendier pieces; but in general I try to be intentional about buying high quality timeless pieces that will last and be versatile for many different social situations."

 What inspires you?

"As far as personal style is concerned, having lived in New York City and now LA, I’m very inspired by street style and what I see real people wearing in real life, like on the subway or at a concert." 

 What is your favorite MF piece so far? 

The Julia Necklace! It definitely has a vintage vibe that’s on trend, but there’s still nothing more classic and timeless than a gold chain. I get compliments on it every time I wear it! 

Any current goals you’re working toward? 

"Right now, I’m focusing on building my business of course, but also really working on plugging into community here in Los Angeles as a newcomer. I think the pandemic really helped everyone realize how important community is."

What does confidence mean to you? 

"Confidence comes from knowing and trusting yourself – particularly knowing that you’re worthy of achieving your goals. I think a lot of people fear failure when it comes to executing their goals, which is normal, but confidence is so critical because without it many people are paralyzed by these fears and never fully live the life they’re worthy of."