MF Care Pack

The MF Care Pack is thoughtfully designed to function as a go to for all your jewelry care needs! Consisting of a stylish zippered pouch, individual baggies (with anti tarnish squares included!) and either a gold or silver polishing cloth, we've got your jewelry care needs covered! The MF Care Pack also functions as a jewelry travel case, making it an absolute MUST have for our tribe on the go! Pretty enough to sit on your vanity and perfect for all your organizational needs, the MF Care Pack combines style and functionality. 

STYLE TIP: Keep the MF Care Pack in your everyday handbag, so you can easily accessorize and store your jewelry on the go. 

• 1 Zippered Pouch
• 1 Polishing Cloth
10 Individual Baggies with Anti Tarnish Squares

Click here for specific care instructions


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