• Looking to Layer

    September 10, 2021

    Looking to Layer
    At the Miranda Frye Studio, Jesi wears the Manhattan Necklace, Mackenzie Necklace & Julia Necklace


    Looking to layer? Let us break it down. Read on for different ways to rock your favorite pieces all together. 


    1.  Play With Texture

    Choose different designs for a truly unique layer. Below, you’ll see a chic silver look with the Naomi Necklace and Brooklyn Necklace.

    2.  Just Add Shine 

    Incorporate CZ stones into your layer for some added shine. Some of our favorite styles include the Shea Necklace and Reese Charm


    3.  A Little Length 

    Play with different lengths to add impact. The Alex Chain is the perfect starter for creating an eye-catching layer. Have your heart set on a shorter chain? Lengthen it with a Necklace Extender, which adds up to 3” to your layer. 

    4.  Mix Those Metals 

    Take your layer to the next level by trying a mixed metal look. Alternate the metals of your chains or try mixing a silver chain with a gold charm. Below, the Julia Necklace is pictured in stunning silver.

    5.  Be Charmed

    Can’t choose just one charm? We understand. Go for the ultimate layered look by rocking three charm & chain combos. When layering, stack your smallest piece first, followed by a mid-size charm, and finish with the largest charm on the bottom. 

    Pro Tip:

    Found the perfect layer? Preserve it by keeping it tangle-free. Shop our Layer Slayer and keep all your favorite layers in place. 

    We hope you feel inspired and have fun styling your jewelry. Tag us on Instagram and show us how you’ve layered your favorites! 

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