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behind the brand

Miranda Frye believes that every person deserves to feel confident, valued and seen and to have the opportunity for self-expression through their individual style. Her vision is to create unique, high-quality jewelry collections that inspire creativity and celebrate the positive impact each of us holds in being uniquely ourselves.

Driven by her love of design and inspired by the many ways her customers create their distinct looks, Miranda is passionate about creating pieces that reach people on a personal level. She aspires to give her customers opportunities to find self-expression through their jewelry with collections thoughtfully designed to find that personal touch, perfect fit or timeless piece that looks, feels and wears exactly how they want.

A die-hard for options, Miranda believes that helping her customers find their individual look means delivering options for personal expression. By providing more choices in lengths, sizes, and selections, Miranda strives to empower everyone to showcase their unique style and feel confident in being themselves.