Meet the Model: Ana

Meet the Model: Ana

In the Miranda Frye studio, Ana wears the Mallory Ear Cuff, Cadence Studs, Rylan Hoops, Manhattan Necklace, Alex Chain, MF Ring, Daniella Ring, Meggan Bracelet, MF Cuff, Cameron Bracelet, Frankie Bracelet, Fashion Jackson Bracelet & Noel Cuff


Excited for the Fall 2021 collection? Us too! Shooting the latest drop with Ana was such a breeze. Her warmth on set brought a relaxed confidence that translated into our campaign photos—which we love! After all was said and done, we decided to ask her a few questions regarding where her confidence comes from. Follow along for her responses, a glimpse of how to style the latest looks, and even more inspo. 


How would you describe your style? 
Classy, relaxed, effortless and with a hint of carelessness.

What inspires you?
It can be literally anything from the smallest thing like a perfume of a stranger passing by, to the glorious Michelangelo's Pieta—but mostly it is just life itself in all its shapes and forms and people. People in all their psychological and emotional diversity inspire me a lot.



Any current goals you’re working toward?
My current goal is to master the American accent and bring my stunt fighting to the next level.

What is your favorite MF piece so far?
Ashton ear cuff

What does confidence mean to you?
It means to be comfortable in my own skin, and not being dependent on others' opinions and being ok with not being "right" or "good" or looking stupid.


 From her sweet smiles, to her sultry gazes, Ana is just one representation of what it means to be confident. We encourage you all to continue to be your best self, as we strive to do the same. Thank for your support of the Fall 2021 collection, it means the world to Miranda and the team. XOXO, and as always: Be Confident. Be YOU.