• Meet the Model: Nacarri

    November 02, 2021

    Meet the Model: Nacarri
    At the Miranda Frye Studio, Nacarri wears the Makena Necklace, Kierza Huggies, Cadence Studs, and Mallory Ear Cuff.



    Mix fierce confidence with a sweet spirit, and you get Nacarri. During our second shoot for the Fall 2021 collection, she was such a joy to work with. We asked her a few questions about style, which MF piece she loves, and what confidence means to her. Read on for her thoughts. 



    How would you describe your style?

    My style is "street chic". For example, my go-to look is a pair of oversized trousers with a halter top, layered with jackets and dainty jewelry. My style inspiration comes from a mixture of loving the clean look of dressy items but the comfort and natural beauty of casual and simple items.


    Nacarri wears the Rylan Hoops, Frankie Necklace, Mackenzie Necklace, Lindsey Chain, Lunar Charm, Grace Ring, Haven Ring, and MF Ring


    What inspires you? 

    Individuality inspires me. I love the fact that there exists only one of everyone on this earth.  It makes me feel so special and capable of being whoever I see myself as. 


    What is your favorite MF piece so far? 

    My favorite piece is the Luna Charm because it shows all the stages of the moon. The stages of the moon represent growth and different stages of life. It's so important to me to wear things that have meaning, and this charm makes me feel so powerful. 



    Any current goals you’re working toward?

    Currently I'm working on creating relationships with new clients and perfecting my craft through practice and dedication. 


    Nacarri wears the Manhattan Necklace, Makena Necklace, Carina Chain, Alpha Charm, Meggan Bracelet, Cameron Bracelet, Daniella Ring, Frankie Bracelet, London Bracelet, Makena Ring, and Colleen Stacking Rings.
    Nacarri wears the Somewhere, Lately Bracelet, MF Cuff, MF Ring, Haven Ring, and Grace Ring.



    What does confidence mean to you?

    Confidence to me reflects the journey one goes on with his or herself. In my opinion, it is a never-ending journey with ups and downs as we change physically, mentally, and spiritually. I believe the most important aspect of confidence is being kind to yourself, realizing that everyone has "those" days.



    Miranda styles Nacarri at the Miranda Frye photoshoot. 
    At the Miranda Frye Studio, Nacarri wears the Cameron Bracelet
    Nacarri wears the Kennedy Ring, MF Ring, Haven Ring, and Grace Ring.



    Intentional planning and styling go into every Miranda Frye photoshoot, and it’s models like Nacarri that make them run that much smoother. As you can see, her beauty shines through in each photo and the jewelry is just the cherry on top that we love. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more of Nacarri and the Fall 2021 collection.

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