Shine to Last

Shine to Last


Stacking up your jewelry collection? We love to see it! Just be sure to keep your pieces shining for years to come. Not sure where to start? You’re in luck. At Miranda Frye, we’ve thought of everything. Read on for our quick list of tools to care for your jewels. 


1. MF Polishing Cloth

Gently and effectively remove moisture, dirt and dullness from your jewelry with a super soft Polishing Cloth, designed for your specific metal type. Each cloth is uniquely treated for the care of your favorite bracelets, necklaces and more. To learn more about which cloth is best for the specific metals of your jewels, check out the product description here. Final steps: gently rinse, buff and enjoy the sparkle!


2. MF Care Pack

When it comes to lasting shine, humidity is the enemy! To keep your favorite pieces safe and sealed, we designed a sleek and stylish solution: the MF Care Pack. Our Care Packs include a compact zipper pouch, with individual air-tight baggies to preserve your pieces and prevent the dulling effects of environmental elements. Anti-tarnish squares for each baggie are also included to further lock in the shine! They also come with the gold or silver Polishing Cloth mentioned above.


3. Layer Slayer

Keep your necklaces tangle-free and rock up to three of your favorite layers at a time. Simply clasp each end of your necklaces to the Layer Slayer, then fasten both ends of the accessory. Want a closer look? Click here.


4. MF Quality & Care Guide

Want to know more? We provide information on each of our metals in the MF Quality & Care Guide on our site. Visit the guide to read about which specific materials are used in your favorite jewelry!


Whether you love going bold or staying minimal, we hope you enjoy long-lasting shine. Follow us on Instagram for daily tips & tricks on layering, jewelry care & all things Miranda Frye!