• The Beginning

    August 18, 2021

    The Beginning


    The Miranda Frye story began as a humble journey to bring joy and beauty to women’s lives. In the early years, Miranda began making necklaces for herself with little thought of ever having a thriving business. Miranda loved everything vintage and would recreate a necklace or pair of earrings for herself to wear. Friends and family quickly began taking notice of her designs, so Miranda started graciously passing out her creations. It wasn’t long before people she didn’t know were inquiring about purchasing her designs. After several months and hundreds of necklaces and earrings being made, Miranda Frye Inc. was born.


    The early years were challenging to say the least. Miranda and her husband were parents of two young boys and now responsible for growing a business. Nights and weekends were spent making necklaces, hand crafting certain charms and assembling earrings. The entire operation from start to finish ran out of Miranda’s home. At times, her home looked more like a manufacturing plant and shipping warehouse than a single-family residence. After several years, the workload had increased to the point that Miranda and her husband needed help. The time had finally arrived for a new office location and the hiring of Miranda Frye’s first employees.



    With the workload now being delegated and a new, beautiful office to call home, Miranda Frye Jewelry really started making strides. Steady growth and “getting the story right” became the focal point of Miranda’s vision. It was during these first few years of growth that Miranda focused on aligning her jewelry designs with a message of beauty and confidence. Miranda’s heartbeat was to always evoke a positive experience for her customer and a feeling of beauty and belonging for each person who clasped on one of her creations.


    Staying true to this vision, Miranda Frye Jewelry has steadily grown year after year becoming a household name for thousands of women around the world. Every necklace, every bracelet, every single design crafted with intention and delivered with confidence, inspiring women everywhere. The brand’s message, “Be Confident. BE YOU.” has been apparent from the beginning and will continue to shine through Miranda’s designs for years to come.


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