• BCBY - Jesi Le Rae

    April 14, 2021

    BCBY - Jesi Le Rae

    Jesi Le Rae is wearing the Naomi hoops, Manhattan necklace, Naomi necklace, Van chain, Atlas charm, Kennedy ring, Rowen ring, Emerson signet ring, Erin bracelet, Fashion Jackson bracelet, and Peyton bracelet.


    This spring is twice as fun with our 2nd collection drop of the season. Experience the latest collection full of bold statement pieces, and 5 new charms.  After talking with Jesi Le Rae, the beautiful face of our Spring campaign, we were further reminded of how much we love to inspire and be inspired by the confidence and tenacity of others.  Read on to find out how Jesi defines confidence, and what her current MF favorite is. 



    How would you describe your style?
    A melting pot of trends from the 70’s and 80’s.

    What inspires you?
    I love a resilient story. People that overcome struggle and challenges on the investment of simply believing in their purpose inspires me.


    At the Miranda Frye Studio, the Margot ring, Julia necklace, Ansley studs, Aubrey stacking rings, and Meggan bracelet.

    What is your favorite MF piece so far?
    I loooove the Kelsey hoop earrings!!!

    Any goals for this year?
    After 2020, I'd like to master patience and acceptance.

    What does confidence mean to you?
    Confidence means knowing perfection is an illusion and being fearless in honoring your authenticity.



    As we move forward through spring, we are excited to keep what inspires us at the forefront of our minds: individuality, resilience, creativity, and kindness. We love hearing from people, like Jesi, who exude these things in all that they do. Never stop moving forward and as always—Be Confident. Be YOU.

    Jesi wears the Kelsey hoops.

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