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Article: Find Your Perfect MF Cuff Size

Gold Miranda Frye MF Cuff Bracelet

Find Your Perfect MF Cuff Size

Considering an MF Cuff but not sure about the sizing options? 

Now offering additional sizes to help ensure your perfect fit, the MF Cuff has become a fast favorite. If you are still uncertain about what size might work best for you, here are a few tips: 


  • A simple way to measure for fit is to start with the size of your wrist. Using a cloth measuring tape, measure around your wrist. Use the exact measurement to compare to the MF Cuff sizing chart. 
    • XS – 4.1cm height, 5.1cm wide - fits wrist size up to 5.5”
    • S – 4.5cm height, 5.5cm wide - fits wrist size 5.5” up to 6"
    • M – 4.9cm height, 5.9cm wide - fits wrist size 6" up to 7”
    • L – 5.4cm height,  6.4cm wide - fits wrist size 7" up to 8”
    • XL - 6cm height, 6.8cm wide - fits wrist size 8" up to 9" 
Silver Miranda Frye Jewelry MF Cuff bracelet in the open position so you can see how the clasp works.


  • The MF Cuff has a slightly oval shape which is similar to the shape of your wrist and provides a more custom feel. Adjust your measuring tape into an oval shape and try different sizing lengths to determine how each size would feel on your wrist.  
Gold Miranda Frye Jewelry MF Cuff bracelet in a flat lay image.


  • How much movement would you like your MF Cuff to have? Do you want it to slide up your arm to a certain point or stay put? When you secure your cuff, do you like a loose fit that dangles slightly or more snug? This will help determine whether to size up or down.  
Model wrist and hand showcasing the Miranda Frye Jewelry: silver MF Cuff, silver Fashion Jackson bracelet, and silver Meggan bracelet 


  • How do you plan to stack your MF Cuff, or will it be your one-and-done look? If you are planning to stack your cuff, we recommend considering how much movement you would like it to have alongside your other pieces. If you wear your pieces on the looser size, consider sizing up with your cuff so that it will have similar movement.


Customer Care

  • Still have questions? Our customer care team is happy to assist in finding the best fit for you. Please feel free to reach out!


We hope these tips help you find your perfect fit, and that it becomes a new favorite to you and your inspired style! 

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