Spring Letter From Miranda

Spring Letter From Miranda

The season of renewal is here. Spring means crisp air, sunny skies, and new beginnings. As I breathe in fresh inspiration, I’m so excited for what’s to come as we walk this year together. With the Spring 2023 Collection, I’m thrilled to showcase unique designs, counterparts to MF favorites, and of course an abundance of ways to express your most authentic self.

The vision for Spring is to celebrate feminine beauty – a harmonious dance between fierce and delicate.  I was inspired to use gemstones, and chose one of my favorites, Moonstone.  Moonstone is luminous in nature, and has an ancient symbolism for imparting wisdom, intuition, and protection. You’ll find these new designs layer seamlessly with our classics and add a deeper layer of radiance and interest. We hope you find these pieces as mesmerizing as we do.      

Moving forward, we are excited to bring you an abundance of fashion forward and innovative designs. My heart and soul have always gravitated towards helping others embrace their truest selves, and it is why I continue to do what I do. I can’t begin to express how much all your love and support have meant to me over the years. Building this community from my dining table and beyond has been nothing short of a blessed adventure.

We hope you enjoy this collection; it was designed with you in mind!

x - Miranda