• Size Inclusivity

    September 07, 2022

    Size Inclusivity

    Your Style. Your Way. 


    Your perfect fit is here! A passion project in the works for a long time, Miranda Frye is so excited to provide size inclusive options in our necklaces, chains, bracelets and anklets! 


    Inspired by you and designed to provide an array of sizes for a more personalized fit, inclusive sizing was born out of our commitment to create more possibilities for you to show your unique style and create your looks, your way. New lengths that fall where you want them to fall and new sizes to give a custom fit that feels good for you. 


    Our goal is always to find new opportunities to empower your creativity and individual expression so that you can show yourself through your style - whether you are searching for that just-right feel from your layer or stack, seeking inspiration for your looks, or exploring new lengths. 


    My hope is that this line gives you more opportunities to bring your style forward, feel confident, creative and inspired!”


    Take a look at some of our favorite curated looks in an array of sizes and lengths! 

    Above Image: Van with Gothic Charm, Lindsey with Harlyn Charm, Marlowe Chain with Cross Charm & Meggan Bracelet, London Bracelet & MF Cuff


    Add your personal touch with this mega-charmed layer including the Van Chain (17”-18”) with the Gothic Letter, the Lindsey Chain (19”-20”) with the Harlyn Charm, and the Marlowe Chain (23”-24”) with the Cross Charm. 


    The sparkling wrist stack worn by our model includes the Meggan Bracelet (7.5”-9”), Fashion Jackson Bracelet (7.5”-9”) and MF Cuff (size XL). 



    Above Image: Amanda Necklace, Stephanie Necklace, Irene Chain with Lunar Charm & Cameron Bracelet with MF Cuff, Frankie Bracelet with Meggan


    Sophisticated and classic, this look layers the Amanda Necklace (16”-18”), Stephanie Necklace (19”-20”) and the Irene Chain (24”-25”) with the Lunar Charm. 


    Wrist stacks include the Cameron Bracelet (6.5”-8”) with the MF Cuff (size M) and the Frankie Bracelet (6.5”-8”) with the Meggan Bracelet (7.5”-9”).



    Questions about inclusive sizing or styling ideas? Please reach out to our customer care team or book an appointment with our stylist for personal assistance! 

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